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Make Friends is a privileges focused marketing agency. Based in Bangkok, we deliver lead generation, market research and privilege campaigns for organisations across Thailand.

Our team specialises in running customer-specific programmes and campaigns that resonate with local markets and deliver results for regional sales and marketing teams.

Our services based on established industry standards, run by expert marketers to
highly qualified databases and/ or targeted audiences. As our campaigns are gaining momentum in companies both large and small.

We offer direct, often personal communication to the target audience. Email, direct mail, events/exhibitions and privileges cards services. Connected to these activities are preliminary marketing efforts including market research, audience/market segmentation and public relations.

Our projects are easily designed around available budget. We will be able to recommend the most effective methods to suit your budget and objectives. As well as offering you a great way to communicate to a large number of people with a relevant message or personal invitation.

A mix of above and below the line marketing has traditionally been seen as essential for sales and branding campaigns. However with decreased media spend and the evolution of email and digital communications, below the line marketing is becoming a standalone approach for sales and marketing.

Marketers running your below the line campaign will assess your campaign objectives and develop the approach, messaging and timelines appropriate.

The characteristics of our strategy are also the advantages:


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